A week away from my 58th birthday and sitting thinking. Getting old is not fun, it is a gift and a privilege afforded you. Most people will not get old. How old is old? So many phrases people say confuse what old is. “Age is but a number”, “You are as old as you feel or the woman you are feeling.” But what is OLD? How old do you need to be to be “OLD”?

I know of friends and family that have been very fit, watched what they have eaten, exercised, regular check-ups at the doctor, etc, etc. But they died. Some from natural causes, some murdered on their farms, some from Cancer and now, Covid 19. I have friends on the other side of the spectrum as well, heavy drinkers, smoked for 40 years, overweight and generally growing old as we were never advised to do. People my age that dodged the HIV bullet, cancer bullet and now the Covid Bullet. These guys are strong, male or female.

So, if you are reading this and you know me, chances are you are my age or older. Are we classified as OLD because we have a few drinks and become nostalgic, crying at the smallest thing that comes through our matured minds? Listen to playlists of music pouring back memories that make us sit back and remember when we experienced for things for the first time? Remembering your Mama when you smell scones baking in the kitchen? Remembering that your Grandma hit harder than your Mama did and if your Dad hit you, you were going to be brought close to deaths doorstep.

Elvis Presley would be 86 now, Freddie Mercury would be 75. Tina Turner is 82 and Cher is 75. The Second World War stopped 76 years ago. My kids do not know any of the above even existed or happened. Winston Churchill would be 147 years old.

A week away from my 58th birthday and sitting thinking. I am fortunate, I have made it this far. If you are going to call me old, sit and tease me when you see tears rolling down The Old Man’s face, listening to my music, watching a movie, ask yourself, do you know what I have been through in 58 years that makes me not afraid to cry now. I think I will call myself old when I loose these memories, can’t cry anymore or just don’t give a shit about anything or anyone.

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