Forgotten where you fit into this world, sexually? Read on as you are not alone.

I read articles that are posted on a local radio website which I streem while at work. Reading an article about a model, Juno Mitchel, who lately walked side by side with Miley Cyrus down the runway commented that he felt so comfortable that she had accepted him for what he was and it had all gone well. He stated that he considered himself to be an “Agender Trans Vegan Artist” and she was comfortable and accepted this.

Not understanding what he was referring to, I went straight to my regular source of knowledge, Google, and started researching what he had referred to. I have never been more confused in my life about something I really declare, I knew nothing about.

I started Googling in order of where this took me to; –

Agender – a person who does not identify themselves as having a particular gender.

Non-Binary – not male or female

Gender-Fluid – a person whose gender is not fixed

Bigender – a person whose personal identity encompasses two genders

Gender-queer – a person who does not recognise conventional gender distinctions but identifies with neither, both, or a mixture of both

And then I was taken to another page that said there are 76 genders and Facebook offers users 56 options,

As I was about to shut it all down something caught my eye, LGBTO, LGBT+, LGBT*, LGBTX, AND LGBTQIA. Do me a favour, if you are as confused as I am, research these yourself.

I stopped searching, put my hand between my legs and was grateful I was still who I woke up as.  

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