Our Road Repair Guy.

Some mornings on the way to work we pass and elderly gentleman who stands in the middle of the road with a wheelbarrow and a shovel. He is there repairing the road and asking for coins for payment for his labour. He has taken it upon himself to repair the road and make it a little more comfortable for the motorists to travel on their journey.

I wander what the story is behind this guy? Is he a war vet, an old construction hand, a driver? What if he is burnt business man or was rejected by his family and has resorted to this to make a living. What if we could stop and ask, would he tell us?

What is anyone’s story in life? Cripples begging on the street, people queuing for a bus, people driving next to us on the road? How many are happy, sad, motivated, following their dreams and doing exactly what they had planned? What if we had time to sit and listen to all the stories, would it be interesting?

Back to the road guy, how many cars does he count passing him by, not giving him anything? Not a hello, a thank you, a coin, nothing. What does he think about us in our shiny new cars, 4×4 vehicles and even bicycles. He is not there everyday so does that mean he only works when he needs money or when his other stable job does not need him? Is he healthy enough to work everyday? How far does he push his wheel barrow and shovel to get to work? What he uses to fill holes is not from around there, where does he get that and how far does he push his load to come to work?

How hard and long did he sit and think about this way to earn some money? Is he better or worse off than he was before? If that was your father or relative, would you be proud of what he does for a living or would you pass him by, ignoring him like 90% of the motorized public on his stretch of road.

How many of us just give up, moaning continually about how we fell down, bumped our heads and ridicule the people that took us down. We drown ourselves in self pity and expect the world to pay us that one favour we believe we are owed. How difficult is it for us to call a friend or relative to lend us money to eat, or pay our bills? How many people have you known who have paid the ultimate price of failure and taken their own lives to save themselves from the humiliation of facing their failures? How many people do you know, like the road guy, who is prepared to do what it takes, no matter how low he must go, to feed himself and his family because to him, that is the ultimate failure?

Our Road Repair Guy is somewhat a hero to me now after my open minded ramble I am starting to see him a little differently.

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