Modern Talking – What do we know about this.

To me, Modern Talking was a band back in the 80’s that had hits like “You’re my heart, you’re you my soul”, “Atlantis Calling” etc. Two young German Lads, Thomas Andies and Dieter Bohler, whose debut album sold over 500 000 units called “The 1st Album”.

What do the youth of today know about Modern Talking?

It is the broken text that they communicate with.

I mean,

Np = No problem,

Yp = Yes Please,

Uw = You are Welcome.

How have we come so far back that we believe that we are wasting time by typing a full sentence as a reply for something?

Lol = Laugh out Loud.

LMAO = Laugh my arse off.

Smh = Shake my head.

Omg = Oh my goodness?

Ikr = I know right?

Where will we stop? Do deaf people have sign for this abbreviated mess?

Dp = Display Picture.

POV = Point of view.

And a favorite, PAL = Parents are listening. We may be but we don’t understand you.

It seems that we are allowed to shorten anything.

ABF, BBF, BBBF, WTF and so on. If you sit and listen to youngsters talking, they kind of make sense if you can get through all the “Likes” that they use.


“What is your Essay about?”

“It is kinda like about this girl like that likes this guy like and he like is cool. They like hit it off together like and like after some months like, she finds out he has a disfunction like.”

Another example:

“Dad, I have a job interview, what do I say?” (you may not reply that you think your child should not say anything because whatever they say, you can’t understand.)

“Why don’t we start by telling me about yourself?”

“I like went to school like and did like the best I could like. I like, enjoy reading books and stuff cause it like keeps me busy. I also like being on Social Media like because all my like friends are like there.”

When you sit and listen to your child blurt this out to you, you cannot be blamed to think that you have been doomed to spend the rest of your life providing for this child’s every needs and all the school projects, homework that you helped with, concerts and teacher meetings that you attended and felt so proud during, has come to this? If only you knew, back then that an “A” in English Literature would lead to the fact that when grown up, you wouldn’t understand a word that they speak. And even if you did, your old brain would be trying to translate it to understand it.

I think they all got together to come up with a modern code that their parents would have to research and learn in order to understand them. Or if, by chance, they left their phones unlocked and lying around, you could not understand what they were saying. The saddest part about this is that you can find a dictionary on line to help you.

From Wikipedia, ” An acronym (from Greek: -acro = sharp, pointed; -onym = name) in its pure form denotes a combination of letters (usually from an abbreviation) which can be used and pronounced as a word. ” and it seems that someone was paid to translate this and come up with new ones.

If I write the following, how many people know the definition of what I am trying to say?


Rather than?

Just for your informatiom, I don’t care. In my not so humble opinion, you are lost. Get direction and Find a job.

To end off, FT BTW.

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