Please & Thank you. Why are these words so difficult to use?

Recently I have seen so many situations where these simple words of appreciation and respect, if used, could have changed a negative outcome into a positive one. Three simple words yet so difficult to use.

When you get out of your Uber, do you thank your driver for his good driving and the fact that you are alive to thank him?

When you sit in a restaurant and order food, do you say, “please can I have?” When it is put down in front of you, do you say thank you?

The tea girl picks up your coffee cup or your teacup and goes to wash it out for you, do you say “Thank You”?

Bringing up my children I taught them that when you ask for something you say, “Please”. When you have received what you asked for, you say “Thank you.” and as they grew up, the punishment for not using my MAGIC WORDS was that your requests fell on deaf ears. Generally all the parents that I know have brought kids up with the same introduction to manners.

So I guess my question would be, if you were brought up on the MAGIC WORD method that all parents use, what reaction do you expect in your world now if you didn’t use them?

If the Uber driver tells you he is starting your trip and you don’t say thank you, would you be surprised if he dragged you out of his vehicle?

If you order food in a restaurant and don’t say “Please”or “thank you” would you be annoyed if they spat in your food?

And, if the tea girl left your tea cup dirty for you to use, how happy would you be?

Please & Thank you. Why are these words so difficult to use?

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